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Living with MSA

This section summarises basic information that people have found helpful in living with MSA.

You may also like to look at previous copies of MSA News as there may be articles that deal with the issues that you are interested in. This area will be added to as we respond to enquiries from people living with MSA, so if you need answers to something not covered here please contact us and we will do our best to find out.

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Changes to swallowing

Changes to the mouth, throat and face muscles may result in times when your swallow ...

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Some people living with MSA may develop problems communicating. Our factsheet below details some equipment ...

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Complementary Therapies

Our Nurse Specialists at the Trust are often asked about Complementary Therapies and how these ...

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It is quite common for everyone as they get older to experience changes and difficulty ...

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Dizziness/Postural Hypotension

Dizziness is a common symptom in MSA and may be due to low blood pressure ...

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Eating & drinking

It is really important to eat and drink well and to continue to enjoy mealtimes. ...

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Many people living with MSA will experience fatigue. Our factsheet ‘Fatigue in MSA’ looks at ...

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Financial Support

Living with MSA or caring for somebody living with the disease can mean additional expenditure. ...

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Going into hospital

There will be occasions when you will need to visit hospitals or other healthcare facilities. ...

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Housing adaptations

By the time you have been given a diagnosis of MSA you are probably aware ...

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How do I explain MSA?

Please find below a basic explanation of MSA that you can give to people that ...

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People with MSA may not show the normal signs of infection that you would expect ...

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Low blood pressure & monitoring

MSA commonly causes a drop in blood pressure when changing position for example,  standing up ...

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Meeting others with MSA

MSA is a rare condition, so many people find it helpful to talk to others ...

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Moving about

Everybody who has a diagnosis of MSA faces the frustration of limited mobility, but despite ...

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Planning potential future needs

We are currently developing this section, with a factsheet also being produced, so will update ...

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Relationships & Sex

MSA can have an affect on your close relationships. Our information sheet below looks at ...

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Saliva management

MSA causes problems with muscle movement and co-ordination throughout the body.  Reduced movement of your ...

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Some people with MSA find that their sleeping pattern changes, please see our article on ...

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Do you enjoy meeting friends, attending worship, going out for a meal or attending entertainment ...

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Spiritual support

Some people find their religious faith or spiritual beliefs give them strength when facing a ...

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We all enjoy going to see family, friends and having holidays, so don’t let MSA ...

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What about Driving?

The decision about when to stop driving is a difficult one for people with MSA. ...

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