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Voice Banking – SpeakUnique

We are pleased to announce that we now offer funding for our members to access Voice Banking through a company called SpeakUnique. This includes options for ‘Voice Build’, ‘Voice Repair’ and ‘Voice Design’.

‘Voice Build’ will create a synthetic replica of your own voice that can be used in your communication aid. This is for individuals who have a medical condition that will likely affect their speech but have not yet experienced significant speech symptoms. Your synthetic voice can be used on Apple, Android or Windows devices.

‘Voice Repair’ is ideal if you have noticed significant changes in your speech or struggle to articulate words. SpeakUnique enables “repair” of your voice and creates a synthetic version of your voice.

‘Voice Design’ is for individuals who no longer have intelligible speech It enables design of your own bespoke voice based on desired characteristics, such as regional accent, age and gender. Your synthetic voice can be used on Apple, Android, or Windows devices.

For Voice Build or Voice Repair you will need to set up an account with SpeakUnique. You will be asked to record between 150–300 sentences. If you find the process becomes tiring your recording can be completed across several sessions. For Voice Design please contact SpeakUnique for further information of next steps.

You will need access to a PC or laptop and an external headset with microphone. We can loan headsets should you wish to borrow a set. SpeakUnique will then create five different versions of your repaired voice. You will be able to listen to each voice and decide which is your favourite. Once the process is complete you can apply for funding from us through your SpeakUnique account. You will need to provide an email address of a healthcare professional (e.g. your Speech and Language Therapist or Specialist Nurse) to support your application. Once your voice has been paid for (by us) you can download your voice onto the communication device of your choice. Your voice can be downloaded onto Apple or Android phones and tablets and be used through the SpeakUnique app which is included in the package. The App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play store, and you will just need to log in using the email address and password you registered for SpeakUnique with. The voice can also be used on Windows devices and used through third party apps such as Grid or Communicator. Your SpeakUnique voice can be used on multiple devices, simultaneously.

We ask that you have an initial discussion with your Speech and Language Therapist so that they can contact us to confirm this is the best option for you prior to recording. They may suggest that another voice banking service may be more appropriate for you. We can be contacted at Please note, this service is only available to members living in the UK and Ireland.

For more detailed information about this service please visit the SpeakUnique website –