MSA Trust

MSA Health Care Specialists

Our MSA Health Care Specialists cover the UK and Ireland and offer individual support to people affected by MSA (please note that they cannot undertake home visits). This includes attendance at Specialist clinics working alongside consultants and Multi-Disciplinary Teams.

They have many years expertise in all aspects of supporting people with the condition and are also available to you as Healthcare Professionals to advise on how best you can support the people you are in contact with.

For many of you it will be the first time you have been involved with somebody with MSA, so our team are happy to talk to you about what you need to be aware of and offer you experience based advice. They can also provide training and education for you and your colleagues – please see here.

They can also offer practical advice for hospital and palliative care staff where people are admitted for care.

You may also want to look at our range of factsheets – our Specialist Guides for Professionals and our Factsheets for people affected by MSA, which may be useful for you to give to people you are supporting.

Contact our MSA Health Care Specialists and to find out which one covers your area here.