MSA Trust

MSA Research

Because MSA is a rare disease, researchers from all over the world collaborate together to study and further understand all aspects of MSA.

In 2014, an international meeting involving leaders in the field was convened in Las Vegas, USA. They created a ‘Global Multiple System Atrophy Research Roadmap’ to identify critical research areas where consensus and progress was needed to improve understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease.

They identified focus areas and working groups were set up to develop recommendations for each area. You can read more about the MSA Research Roadmap here.

MSA researchers and clinicians continue to meet every 2 years at the International Congress of Multiple System Atrophy to continue with this work.

In 2014 Professor Henry Houden was awarded MSA Trust research funding to create the UK MSA Network. This led to the creation of the Prospect-M research study, which the MSA Trust continues to fund.

You can read more about Prospect M study and see the latest fuding award information here. If you would like to take part in the Prospect-M study, click here for more information.