MSA Trust

Social Welfare Specialist Service

MSA Trust Social Welfare Specialist Service

As well as our MSA Nurse Specialist support we also have an Social Welfare Specialist Service.

Help can be given with the following range of issues:

  • Benefits checks – advising on the benefits system including eligibility, applications and appeals. Our Advocacy Officer can provide email or telephone support with the completion of forms.
  • Continuing Health Care (CHC) funding – advising on eligibility criteria, CHC assessments and the appeals process.
  • Care Services – information on how the care system works, including accessing a care assessment and other services (for example, day centres, respite care, community transport) from local councils.
  • Carers services – information on support for carers including carers assessments, carers groups etc.
  • Equipment and adaptations– advice on how to obtain equipment and what should be available via statutory agencies (the NHS, Social Services etc). Information can be given on funding for home adaptations.
  • Information around transport – including the Motability scheme, community transport, blue badges and travel.
  • Grants – the MSA Trust has a very small grants budget which our Advocacy Officer manages along with our Lightwriter communication aids loan scheme. Assistance can be given to access other charitable funding to help meet needs.

Our Social Welfare Specialist, Sam Fitzgerald is available from Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm.

She is unable to make home visits but attends our MSA Support Groups on an occasional basis.

Sam can be contacted via our main office on 0203 404 6673, by email at or through your MSA Nurse Specialist.