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For people affected by MSA

This section aims to enable you to find out about the services, support and information that can help you to live with MSA and support people affected by it.

Although everybody’s circumstances are individual, you will find that your needs, whether you are living with MSA or you are a carer or family member, will change as life with MSA develops. Here you can find information to help guide you from being newly diagnosed through to treatment and management of MSA as life moves forward and needs evolve.

While we support anybody affected by MSA, by joining us (at no charge) you can make sure you are kept informed of latest developments around MSA and also find out what’s happening in your area. To join us please cick here.

We hope this section and our Living with MSA pages will answer any questions you have, but please contact us if you would like more information on any aspect of life with MSA that you need help with.

Newly diagnosed

If you have been newly diagnosed with MSA it can be hard to make sense ...

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Preparing for advancing MSA

This section aims to address issues that may be experienced as part of advanced MSA....

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Support for young people

Although children and young people do not get MSA they will still be affected by ...

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