MSA Trust

A Path to a Cure

In 2019 we began a project enabling our members to be part of the special place for the MSA community – Sarah’s Wood. We will be building a path to the centre of this haven, constructed with bricks engraved with the names of those living with MSA or those sadly passed away; symbolising the steps we are taking to eventually defeat MSA – Path to a Cure. The Path will grow throughout the Wood as more of you get involved and make a permanent mark in the place of hope for the MSA community. The address for Thoresby Park main car park is: Thoresby Park, Nr. Ollerton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 9EP (main car park) Sarah’s wood address: Newark NG22 9EQ Use the form below to order an engraved brick for yourself or a loved one. We ask for a minimum donation of £60 to cover our costs. Please note, while we accept orders for engraved bricks all year round, additions to the path can only be laid once a year and we are now accepting orders for our 2024 brick laying. Please order by Friday, 12th April for your brick to be laid this year.