MSA Trust

Who we are

The Trust’s Vision is a world free of MSA. Our Mission is to find the cause and, ultimately, cure for MSA. Until that day, we will do all we can to support people affected by MSA and to strive to ensure that they are not alone on their individual journeys.

The Trust has seven core values, we aspire to be:


Led by those we serve

We strive to put those we serve at the heart of everything we do



We will work collaboratively when this is in the best interests of those we serve and the Trust



The Trust exists to support people affected by MSA throughout their journey – we are on their side and we want them to know and feel this



We want to be open and welcoming to everyone affected by MSA who makes contact with us



Our ethos is to critique not to criticise



Everyone who is involved with the Trust should be committed to doing what they can, in whatever capacity, to improve the lives of people affected by MSA



We want to inform and be honest and transparent about what we say and what we do

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We regret to announce the MSA Trust will be suspending all of our Support Groups and our memorial event due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19. For our full statement, please click here. Our other services and support will continue to be unaffected and available to everybody affected by MSA. For any questions please contact us at

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