MSA Trust

Residents outside of UK and Ireland

Membership of the MSA Trust is open to anybody, regardless of whereabouts in the world you are living.

Most of the advice and support we offer is built around knowledge and understanding of the UK’s National Health Service and as such is most relevant to people living in the UK. This means we cannot tailor the information to specific countries outside of the UK but a lot of benefit will still be gained from the information offered.

As an overseas member you can benefit from:

  • A membership pack emailed to you
  • Our MSA Health Care Specialist email support line
  • Downloadable factsheets on a variety of MSA related topics which can be found by visiting our factsheet page.
  • An emailed version of MSA News, our magazine produced three times a year
  • Joining the MSA Trust HealthUnlocked community.

You can register with the Trust by clicking here.

You may find medical expertise in your European home country from the list provided on the European Reference Network website. Further information can be found here – .

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