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Sarah’s Wood

In June 2017 we opened and began planting Sarah’s Wood, a small copse of oak trees in Nottingham forest, to commemorate our founder and to serve as a symbol of hope and growth to all those living with MSA and the memories of those lost to it. We ask everyone in the community to join us in growing this symbol for years to come.

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Get Involved

Attend the Sarah’s Wood Summer Social

2019 sees the first annual MSAT social event to be held at Thoresby Estate and Sarah’s Wood!

We will be hosting a social garden party on 27th July 2019, to allow our community to get together socially to support the trust and to meet each other!

We will be providing an afternoon cream tea, followed by a guided Treasure Trail through the ancient Sherwood Forest for the kids, all while mum and dad and everyone else are playing croquet and being toured around the Grand House. We will finish the afternoon with the unveiling of the brand new Path to a Cure and the first batch of engraved bricks laid at the wood.

All are welcome and we cannot wait to welcome you to this beautiful space!

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Plant a Tree

Going into the future, we will hold regular tree planting sessions for those people who wish to plant their own tree as a symbol of being part of the MSA community. You can either ask us to plant a tree on your behalf (see option below) or attend one of the tree planting days which will be held in the winter months.

The next tree planting days will be on

  • 24th November 2018
  • 25th January 2019.

On the day you will meet with the Forester for the Thoresby Estate and you will be able to plant a sapling within Sarah’s Wood. If you would like to come to one of the tree planting days please fill out the ‘I would like to attend a tree planting day’ form below.

If you are not able to attend a tree planting day but would like a tree planted in Sarah’s Wood on your behalf then please fill out the ‘I would like a tree planted on my behalf’ form below.

If you need more information about Sarah’s Wood, please contact the office on 0333 323 4591or email

I would like to attend a tree planting day

I would like a tree planted on my behalf

Path to a Cure

This year we will be beginning a project to enable our community to leave a small part of themselves or a family member in the wood. We will be building a path to the centre of this haven, constructed with bricks engraved with your or a loved one’s name; symbolising the steps we are taking to fight and eventually beat this condition.

This will grow throughout the wood as more and more of you get involved and make your inclusion in this community permanent with a shared monument throughout this green and beautiful space.

If you would like more information about having your name in our path or to do so on the behalf of a loved one, please visit the form linked below and we can send you more details.

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