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Sarah’s Wood


In June 2017 we opened and began planting Sarah’s Wood, a small copse of oak trees in Nottingham forest, to commemorate our founder and to serve as a symbol of hope and growth to all those living with MSA and the memories of those lost to it. We ask everyone in the community to join us in growing this symbol for years to come.


In 2017 the MSA Trust reached 20 years of supporting people with MSA.

In May 1997 Sarah Matheson and a group of close friends met to discuss the possibility of setting up a support group for people who had been diagnosed with MSA, Sarah had received her diagnosis in 1993. The rest, as they say is history and in 2017 the Trust marked their 20th Anniversary.

On 13th June 2017 we opened Sarah’s Wood, one of our activities to mark 20 years of support and research by the Trust.

Hugh Matheson, our founder Sarah Matheson’s brother, wanted a way to symbolise the hope and support the MSA community can create for each other. To do this he has helped us create Sarah’s Wood. The Wood is located in Thoresby Estate, Nottinghamshire, in the heart of Sherwood Forest and will become a lasting symbol of hope for all people affected by MSA. The opening of the wood reflected this hope.

Our summer event at the wood…

On 21st July 2018, we held a summer event at the invitation of our Trustee, Hugh Matheson, at Sarah’s Wood. At this event we unveiled our brand new sign, which would hopefully help people find Sarah’s Wood and learn more about MSA. It was an afternoon of Tea and cake at Hugh Matheson’s residence and the future of the Wood was also discussed.



Attend the Sarah’s Wood Summer Social

Our Summer Social at Sarah’s Wood allows our community to get together socially to support the Trust, meet each other, and get a chance to see the ordered engraved bricks and Path to a Cure.

Following an successful brick viewing event in September, we are happy to be organising our next summer social event. This year will be extra special as we will be celebrating 25 years since the Trust has been founded. We will be hosting this event in the month of July so watch out on this space for more information.


We hold our regular tree planting sessions for those who wish to plant their own tree as a symbol of being part of the MSA community. You can either ask us to plant a tree on your behalf (see option below) or attend one of the tree planting days. Our next tree planting session will take place on Saturday 26th February 2022.

On the day you will meet with the Forester and able to plant a sapling within Sarah’s Wood. If you would like to come to one of the tree planting days please fill out the ‘I would like to attend a tree planting day’ form below.

If you are not able to attend a tree planting day but would like a tree planted in Sarah’s Wood on your behalf then please fill out the ‘I would like a tree planted on my behalf’ form below.

If you need more information about Sarah’s Wood, please contact the office on 0333 323 4591or email

I would like to attend a tree planting day

I would like a tree planted on my behalf

In 2019 we began a project enabling our members to be part of the special place for the MSA community – Sarah’s Wood. We will be building a path to the centre of this haven, constructed with bricks engraved with the names of those living with MSA or those sadly passed away; symbolising the steps we are taking to eventually defeat MSA – Path to a Cure. The Path will grow throughout the Wood as more of you get involved and make a permanent mark in the place of hope for the MSA community.

The address for Thoresby Park main car park is: Thoresby Park, Nr. Ollerton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 9EP (main car park)

Sarah’s wood address: Newark NG22 9EQ

Please note, while we accept orders for engraved bricks all year round, additions to the path can only be laid once a year. To have your brick included in our 2022 path laying, please order before Saturday 30th April 2022.

I would like to purchase an engraved brick in the Path to a Cure

    *Please make out cheques to MSA Trust and post to our London address: MSA Trust, 51 St Olav's Court, Lower Rd, London SE16 2XB