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Created by our Information and Support team, with input from health and care experts, people with MSA and carers, we have produced a wide range of factsheets to guide you on adapting to life with multiple system atrophy.

If you need any further assistance or are concerned about anything you have read in our factsheets please contact our MSA Nurse Specialists.

References for all of our factsheets are available on request. Please note that the download of our Guide to MSA below is the most up to date version. We are currently reviewing this following the results of our MSA Needs Survey.

A Guide to MSA

Download pdf (1.52 MB)

Attendance Allowance

Download pdf (271.71 KB)

Basic Benefits and Entitlements

Download pdf (612.02 KB)

Bowel Management in MSA

Download pdf (1.24 MB)

Carers Guide

Download pdf (4.07 MB)

Complementary Therapies

Download pdf (1,008.27 KB)

Contact Sheet

Download doc (1.81 MB)

Continence in MSA

Download pdf (1.08 MB)

Continuing Healthcare

Download pdf (479.93 KB)

Diagnosis of MSA

Download pdf (914.51 KB)

Driving and MSA

Download pdf (1,020.52 KB)

Equipment – Personal Hygiene

Download pdf (1.02 MB)

Equipment: Posture and Mobility

Download pdf (1.17 MB)

Eye health and MSA

Download pdf (1.03 MB)

Fatigue in MSA

Download pdf (1,022.85 KB)

Guide to MSA

Download pdf (5.16 MB)

Going into Hospital

Download pdf (1,011.10 KB)

I wish I’d Known That a Year Ago

Download pdf (539.36 KB)

Monitoring Blood Pressure

Download pdf (1.03 MB)

MSA and Parkinson’s Medication

Download pdf (1,005.06 KB)

Nurse Service leaflet

Download doc (3.47 MB)

PEG Feeding

Download pdf (975.80 KB)

Personal Independence Payment

Download pdf (524.99 KB)

Postural Hypotension

Download pdf (1,009.62 KB)

Relationships Sex and MSA

Download pdf (455.59 KB)

Saliva Control

Download pdf (338.80 KB)

Top Tips for Appointments

Download pdf (62.04 KB)

Travelling and MSA

Download pdf (1.09 MB)

Understanding Palliative Care

Download pdf (976.82 KB)

Communication Booklet

Download docx (229.87 KB)
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We regret to announce the MSA Trust will be suspending all of our Support Groups and our memorial event due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19. For our full statement, please click here. Our other services and support will continue to be unaffected and available to everybody affected by MSA. For any questions please contact us at

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