MSA Trust

MSA Health Care Specialists

A vital part of the Trust’s services is its professional team provided by our six MSA Health Care Specialists: Katie Rigg, Samantha Pavey, Jill Lyons, Emma Saunders, Demelza Stuart and Debra Vincent-Scott.

Together they support people affected by MSA across the UK and Ireland, dividing responsibility loosely around six regions. Simply select an area on the map below to see who your local MSA Health Care Specialist is.

We also have a Social Welfare Specialist service which supports people affected by MSA with benefits checks, care services information, and adaptation and equipment support. Please visit here for more information.

Education & Awareness

A role the Trust considers to be very important is that of improving education and...

How our MSA Health Care Specialists Help

Our six MSA Health Care Specialists work across the UK and Ireland to help support...