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05. Carers – Republic of Ireland

The Information below is for people living in the Republic of Ireland. If you are a carer and living in the UK, please go to the page here where there is dedicated information for you.

Carers Allowance

This is a means-tested benefit for people who care full time for someone that requires constant supervision. To qualify the carer must be 18 or over, live with the person in need of care (or be in a position to provide this care) and must not be in employment or study for more than 15 hours each week. People in receipt of Carers Allowance may also be entitled to the Household Benefits Package (if they live with the person they care for) and free travel.

A Carers Support Grant is paid to everyone in receipt of Carers Allowance or Carers Benefit annually in June.

Carers Benefit

This is a benefit paid to people aged 16-65 years who give up work to care full time for one or more people who require constant supervision. It is a benefit that is based on insurance contributions and is taxable. The carer must live with the person they care for (or be in a position to provide this level of care).

Carers Leave

Subject to certain conditions, employees are entitled to take up to 104 weeks of unpaid leave from their employment and have their jobs kept open for them for this period. See for full details.

Homemakers Scheme

In the Republic of Ireland, people who take time away from work to care full time for a disabled person may be eligible for social insurance credits under a Homemakers Scheme.

For further information on benefits available to carers in the Republic of Ireland see:

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