Living with MSA

The Trust has a range of information and support services designed for people who have MSA and also for their carer, family members and friends.

You will find that your needs, whether you are the person with MSA or you are the carer and/or family member, will change as life with MSA develops. In Living with MSA you will find information to help guide you through a new diagnosis of MSA to the treatment and management of MSA as life moves forward.

This section also looks at how we may be able to help you meet other people to share your thoughts and ideas with, as well as introducing you to the services provided by our nurses and volunteer support groups. There is also a section on our free magazine which is an important way for registered members to keep informed of changes and developments in MSA (Register now).

We hope Living with MSA will answer many of your questions, but please contact us if you would like more details of any of our services.