MSA Trust

Ideas for ways you can help your loved one with MSA

Your loved one with MSA will not want your life to be put on hold. They will get joy from knowing you are getting on with and enjoying your own life.

As a young person once said to us “The best thing you can do to help and support someone you love who has MSA is to remain close and show you care”.

When talking to the person with MSA take the time to listen carefully as their speech can be quite quiet and hard to follow sometimes.

Allow time for them to answer if you ask them something and to allow them to join in a conversation.

Don’t rush them when they are trying to walk about, and try not to talk to them while they are walking so they concentrate on walking about safely.

Encourage them to use any aids and equipment they have been given to help them to do things.

Help them by reaching for things, fetching and carrying things for them.

Offer to do the shopping.

Help with everyday tasks round the house such as hanging the washing out, doing the hoovering etc.

Share your day with them – what you have been doing, where you have been and who you have seen.

Share your computer and technology skills with them, these can be a lifeline for people with MSA but they may need help learning to use them.