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Where can you get support?

We all have a small group of people around us that we know love and care about us. Think about who those people are for you. Thinking about who they are may reassure you that you could share difficult feelings with them, if you needed to.

You may think ‘I don’t want to burden them with my issues’ but think how you would feel if someone in your family or a good friend was struggling and they didn’t share this with you to let you support them.

Having information and knowing a bit about MSA can help. When we understand something we cope with it better. If you want more information or to talk about you can contact the MSA Nurse Specialists by email or phone here.

Below are a number of other people you could consider talking to:

  • Lead Teacher / Pastoral support lead in school or collage
  • School Nurse
  • A Social worker can support you directly and link you into the local young carers service. There may be others in a similar situation at the centre with a loved one living with a difficult medical condition
  • Local youth worker, youth centre or carer’s centre
  • Faith leader
  • Any of the health professionals involved in your loved ones care.

Online resources and counselling services

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