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What treatment is there for MSA?

Although there is no treatment to cure MSA, there are many ways to manage symptoms and make the person with MSA feel more comfortable.


If the MSA damage has caused Parkinson’s symptoms then medicines that treat Parkinson’s Disease can help. In some people these medicines may worsen other symptoms, so the Parkinson’s medicines would be stopped.

Other medicines someone with MSA may take will depend on the symptoms they have – each medicine will be to try to improve a particular symptom. For example, medicines to help the person sleep or to stop them feeling so dizzy.

Whilst at the moment here is no actual treatment or medicine that cures MSA, there is a lot of research trying to find a medicine that will do this.

Until this medicine is found it is important to remember that there are medicines available now that can really help with the symptoms.

The therapy team including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy alongside other health professionals, are a vital part of MSA treatment. Have a look at the page Managing symptoms – who can help? for more information.