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Up on the London Eye

Andy Cox writes about his experiences of meeting The Royals on the London Eye earlier this year….

I was invited by my Company recently to write a short article about my condition and who I’d like to thank, for World Mental Health Day on October 10th. I explained that my condition is more physical than mental but they were still keen to hear it. The next I heard the following week was from The Royal Foundation inviting me and my principle carer, who is my wife Theresa, to join William, Kate and Harry to tell my story at County Hall and on The London Eye. This was quickly followed a few days later by another mail asking us if we wouldn’t mind sharing a pod with The Royals! Would we mind??

New clothes were required.

The day dawned fine and our excitement grew. All the press were there as it is a massive annual event. We told our story to whoever would listen, heard various speeches and then the moment came to board the Eye. One “spin” takes about 30 minutes so we had a good opportunity to raise awareness for MSA with them. Despite being up in the sky they were very down to earth and easy to get on with. We spoke with each of them for several minutes and joked with Harry that we could see his Grandma’s house!

The revolution was over too soon. William was good enough to carry on our conversation outside of the pod and we really felt we got our point across, especially when we read all about it in the papers the next morning.

Andy and Theresa Cox with Prince Harry

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