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Biohaven’s international M-STAR study completed enrollment this summer

We were pleased to hear recently from our colleagues at Biohaven concerning the roll out of the M-Star study in Europe and the USA. Although it has been difficult in this time of pandemic there is still research into treatment drugs for MSA continuing and MSA Trust is glad to share with you a blog from the team at Biohaven as the trial gets underway. We look forward to bringing you further updates later in the year.

As many of you recently learned, Biohaven’s international M-STAR study with the investigational drug verdiperstat completed enrollment this summer. While this is exciting and encouraging news, we also recognize that enrollment moved so rapidly that not all patients who were hoping to participate in the study were able to do so, including many patients in the U.K.

As our first international Phase 3 study, we were eager to include as many patients as possible across our European clinical sites. Unfortunately, COVID-19 presented unique and unexpected challenges that stymied the screening process in multiple countries. We are aware that, for many weeks, physicians in the U.K. were prohibited from continuing non-coronavirus-related care, and many clinics were closed. Protecting the health and safety of patients and the larger community was unquestionably the top priority. As the COVID-19 situation evolved throughout the spring and summer – improving in some countries and worsening in others – restrictions varied and shifted across countries. As a result, various trial sites were able to open and screen patients sooner than others. We continued to push forward and, ultimately, enrolled as many patients in the U.K. as possible.


Advancing the M-STAR trial as efficiently and safely as possible is of utmost priority, as we know that producing trial results that could enable approval of a new treatment for MSA would benefit the entire MSA community. We are grateful to the U.K. community for your collaboration to make the M-STAR study possible and look forward to our ongoing partnership with you as our collective efforts move forward to defeat MSA.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the blogs published on these pages are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the MSA Trust.

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