MSA Trust

Key things to know

Why my family?

You may wonder why someone you know and love has MSA. Understandably you may feel angry, upset and resentful about this. But remember it is not their fault or your fault. MSA can’t be caused by anything you said or did. It is just really bad luck.

Will I get MSA?

MSA cannot be caught from someone who has MSA, it is not infectious.

All the research tells us that MSA is not passed on genetically. So you won’t inherit it or be more likely to get MSA when you are older just because you have a parent, grandparent or relative with MSA.

MSA is rare so most other people will never have heard of it. This may leave you feeling isolated and frustrated by other people’s lack of understanding.

Is MSA the same as dementia?

The areas of the brain damaged by MSA are different to those areas of the brain damaged by dementia. When someone has MSA their memory and understanding of things usually remains as it always has been.