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Our mother, Surjit Nagra, sadly passed away on 17th October 2022 due to Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). As a family of five siblings, we witnessed the devastating effects that MSA had on her—how rapidly it progressed, robbing her of mobility, speech, and eventually her ability to eat and swallow. Despite having a care team, we, as a family, maintained a weekly rotation to ensure she was never alone.

Our mother was a loving, caring, and independent woman, known for her hard work and generosity. She inspired us to get involved in fundraising for MSA awareness and research, as she always extended a helping hand to those in need. We believe it’s our responsibility to carry on her legacy.

Upon reading the MSA newsletter about the “Path to a Cure,” we discovered that for a small donation, we could have an engraved brick laid in memory of a loved one. We participated in the Summer Social, where the surprise unveiling of the engraved brick brought forth emotions. Our motivation stems from the opportunity to assist individuals affected by MSA and their loved ones by sharing information and tips. Learning about the Tree Planting event scheduled for November 2023, we eagerly embraced the chance to participate.

We all attended the Tree Planting initiative and found solace in the experience. Once the “Path to a Cure” project is completed and trees are planted at Sarah Woods, it will become a sanctuary for our family—a place where we can visit and cherish the lasting memory of our mother.

In May 2023, my nephew, Kyan Francis, completed the Hackney Half Marathon, raising £1,160 for the MSA Trust. In September 2024, my sisters, niece, and I will be running The Big Half—a half marathon—in memory of our mother, aiming to raise funds for MSA and increase awareness of this condition.

We are considering organising a long walk, skydive, or mountain climb involving our entire family and friends. Although we regretfully won’t be able to attend the Summer Social this year, we eagerly anticipate the Tree Planting event later in the year.

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