MSA Trust

Charity of the Year

Whether it’s a small business; a high-street name; a commercial corporation; or an international conglomerate – we would love you to put us forward as a Charity of the Year!


What is a Charity of the Year?
Rather than supporting many organisations and causes, business are increasingly looking for a single charity that they can partner with for a fixed period of time, which they can then focus all of their efforts on supporting. It doesn’t even need to be a company – societies and clubs can make us their Charity of the Year as well!

Why Do Organisations Want to Find a Charity of the Year?
Supporting a charity that is close to the hearts of employees or members is a fantastic way for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, but it can also boost morale as it brings a team together – united by an important goal that is making a tangible difference to their community.

How Would a Charity of the Year Partnership Support the MSA Trust?
Each organisation is different, so there are lots of ways that a club or company might be able to help us – this could be through donation boxes in-store; fundraising events for their employees; match funding; awareness campaigns; or even a donation from the club or company itself.

How Long is a Charity of the Year Partnership For?
A year is the most popular length of time for this type of charity partnership, but some can last longer – sometimes up to five years.

How Are Charities Selected for Partnership?
Normally, when organisations are looking for their next partnership, they will ask their employees or members to suggest charities that they would like to see supported. In which case, we would love you to put us forward!

Does It Cost Me Anything to Recommend You?
No, there shouldn’t be any charges to suggest a charity.

I’m Not Sure My Company Does Charity of the Year. What Should I Do?
The best way to find out if your company offers Charity of the Year partnerships is to ask your HR Department.

My Employer Doesn’t Offer a Charity of the Year Partnership at the Moment. Can I Contact You to Find Out More?

For more information, contact our helpful Fundraising Team via email at or call 0333 323 4591.