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Your MSAT fundraiser

Get the community involved as you fundraise for the MSA Trust.

Whether they are supporters from your local church, Golf Club or even your family and friends, get everyone together for a fundraiser and help us come closer to our vision –  a world without MSA.  Here you will find everything to make your community event an absolute success!



  • View our Welcome Pack (below) that gives you  A – Z fundraising ideas for your event, top tips for a successful fundraiser, and shows supporters what their donations can do.
  • Our (new)  leaflets, A3 fundraising posters, and sponsorship forms are now available to download (Scroll to the bottom).
  • Email us to let us know if you would like MSAT flags,  leaflets to hand out to your guests or a high resolution copy of our logo. We are happy to help.
  •  Sending us funds raised cannot be easier! Find out all the ways to do so HERE.

Already have a fundraising event in mind? Open a fundraising page where your guests/supporters can donate online for it.

Having a collection is one of the easiest ways to support MSAT while raising awareness of multiple system atrophy (MSA). 

If you already had a collection, send us the funds raised whenever you are ready.

If you are just getting started here are some popular collection opportunities :

  • On the street – make sure to have the proper license for this.
  • At your local pub, grocery store or your place of worship (e.g. Church)
  • As you sing along in your Choir (a popular one with our supporters!)
  • At your Fundraising Night or event, where guests can easily donate their loose change.

Choose from donation boxes, collection tins or buckets. SEE BELOW for details.

Donation Boxes 

Light weight cardboard donation boxes that you can fold out and display just about anywhere! You can use them for your fundraising or even to collect all those pennies lying around the house. Keep in mind not to use them for public collections as they don’t come with any security features.

Collection Tins 

Orange tins that are great for having a few distributed around your fundraising event or having by the till for a store collection. Comes with a security seal that you can break after the collection.

Public Bucket Collections 

If you are thinking of having a public bucket collection then turn up with your MSA Trust T-shirt and our bright Orange MSAT bucket (don’t forget your smile!). Make sure to choose places with heavy footfall – railway stations, busy streets, shopping centres etc. Buckets comes with security features such as security seal for the lid and cable ties to lock bucket to the lid.

We can provide a collector’s certificate of authority, that authorises you to collect on behalf of MSA Trust. Click here to see how that looks and email to have one posted to you.

Donation envelopes 

A great way to collect cash and/or cheques from your donors. They can fill out the Gift Aid information on the front so that we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated!


Your MSAT fundraiser

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Milk, Sugar And Tea party

Around 3,000 people in the UK and Eire have multiple system atrophy, which leads to premature death – currently there is no cure. That’s why we’re asking people to show their support by hosting a tea party.

With the COVID- 19 pandemic restrictions in place, we are encouraging everyone to host their tea parties online. This can be done through zoom, and you can still have a scrumptious tea party and help raise vital funds to support our MSA Nurse Specialists. The Nurses provide telephone and email support services for people with MSA, attend digital Support Groups and are a lifeline for the MSA community during these challenging times.

It couldn’t be easier to host your virtual tea party, just open a Zoom account and schedule your Tea Party event. Then click on START FUNDRAISING below to ask friends and family to donate to MSAT in exchange for the Zoom tea party invitation.

Download our Tea party guide HERE to find out more or order your Tea party pack below.

Don’t forget to bake your sweet and savories ahead of your Zoom tea party so that you can enjoy with your ‘guests’ when they join! You can also get our special Tea Party mug from our online shop – perfectly branded in the Trust colours!

Milk Sugar And Tea party



MSA Tea Party A4 Poster

Download file (1.30 MB)


Download file (418.72 KB)

Take part in our MSAT Bake-off competition for a chance to win our special Tea party gift hamper.

To enter, make and design the prettiest cake (or any kind of baked goodies), take a picture, and then upload this to our Bake-Off page HERE in exchange for a minimum donation of £10. #Everylittlehelps

We will be announcing winners at the end of December which is enough time to be as creative as you’d like, you can even create a MSA themed bake! For more information on this, get in touch with our fundraising team:

Get more from your online shopping….

With the boom in online shopping, you could raise much needed funds for the Trust every time you shop! Every site you shop using the Give as you Live portal, they will donate a percentage of your purchase to the Trust at no extra cost to you. The store donates the money, not the shopper.

So the next time you go online to shop, do so via Give as you Live

Get more from your Amazon order!

When you shop through Amazon Smile, Amazon donates a percentage of the proceeds to MSA Trust, with no extra cost to you. All you need to do is visit Amazon Smile, log into your account and select the ‘change your charity’ button in the ‘Shopping Programmes’ section. You can then select us as your chosen charity and start shopping!

Get more out of your order with Amazon by supporting MSA Trust and visit Amazon Smile today!

Help the Trust while you shop for groceries.

The next time you are at your local Waitrose you can fill out a form to nominate the MSA Trust as one of the local good causes to support. Shoppers receive Green tokens after every shop, which they can use to pop into MSAT’s pot, and we get one step closer to getting up to £300.

Spread the word so that family and friends can do the same.  The more tokens we receive the bigger the donation! It’s as easy as that! So wait no longer, show that the Community Matters! If you need help with the nomination form please email us.


 Fundraising at school is a fun and exciting way to join the fight against MSA.

There are loads of ways you can get involved and we will support your school throughout your fundraising adventure.

Find a guide to getting started below, and an A-Z of event ideas to download!

Guide to fundraising in school:

  • 1.Get the backing of senior staff Arrange a meeting with your head teacher or Deputy Head to explain MSA and your connection to it.
  • 2. Do your research – Come to your meeting with ideas of what the school could do to raise money. There is the tried and true method of holding a non-uniform day, but there is a list to download at the bottom of this page with dozens of other ideas.
  • 3. Brand the fundraisingMake sure your classmates and teachers know what they are fundraising for. Arrange an assembly or some time during classes for you or one of your teachers to tell the rest of the students about the condition, and why it is so important to fundraise and support those living with MSA. If you have a connection to the cause you are willing to share with them, please do. Nothing will inspire people to work hard and support a cause than a direct link to someone they know.
  • 4. Send the fundraising in – Collect the money and send it to us here at MSA Trust, we will then get an acknowledgement letter out to you and to your school to thank you for all your fantastic work.

Please download our A-Z of School Fundraising below!

A-Z for schools fundraising

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Your MSAT fundraiser

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The individuals and families we support are from many different faiths and cultures. We work closely with families to ensure that their faith and cultural needs are respected when using our services.

Faith groups and congregations can support our vital work by fundraising throughout the year or through one-off events around special occasions or devoting one meeting to discussing multiple system atrophy .

Our most popular fundraising ideas for faith groups include:

  • Raising funds through a religious festival such as Diwali, Ramadan or Christmas
  • Holding a collection at a service with a speaker from the MSA Trust
  • Holding an event at your place of worship, for example a concert or fayre.

If you would like more information about the trust or would like to hold a fundraising event for the Trust this way, please contact the team.

Living with MSA can be an isolating experience and is particularly hard during the festive season. Giving the gift of your time to someone with MSA, making them smile is a priceless way to give.

You can also use this opportunity to raise vital funds for the Trust and MSA community. Here are some ideas :  

  • Instead of sending traditional Christmas cards think about a new way of giving. While we have some fantastic cards to offer each year, you can instead donate the money you spend on them. Remember the same can be done with Christmas gifts, where a donation can be made in lieu of gifts.
  • Buy a few items from our shop to fill up your stockings, or buy our Christmas Cards. 
  • Any kind of celebration that calls for guests to bring presents is a great opportunity to donate to the Trust instead and help us in our efforts to fight this terrible disease. So an anniversary, retirement, Christening or just a regular dinner party are all great celebratory events as well.
Fundraise at your Wedding or Civil Partnership

Congratulations on the great news! Now you can make the Trust part of your big day and make the day even more special. We understand you have a lot on your mind when it comes to planning a wedding. Therefore, we  have made it easier for you – here are a few great suggestions to say “I do” while fundraising for the Trust :

Accept donations to the Trust instead of traditional wedding gifts from your guests. The easiest way to do this would be to open a Fundraising page.Your page becomes your very own wedding gift list! You can keep track of the “gifts” that your guests have given and they can also leave good wishes and messages for the big day. Set up your page here to start fundraising now!

Have our Wedding favour cards on the place settings or when you are thanking your guests after the wedding. Cards say that a donation was made to MSA Trust in lieu of favour. Buy the cards from our online shop.


Your MSAT fundraiser

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Support us through Facebook birthday celebrations

We spend so much of our time on Facebook, now there is a way to support the Trust through it. To start up a Birthday Fundraiser in aid of the Trust or make a one off donation, head over to our Facebook page.

Raise funds while you recycle.


Bag It Up (BIU) Group is one of the leading textile recycling organisations in the UK. They provide patented anti-theft clothes recycling banks across the country. Used clothing and shoes donated to the banks are then resold. MSA Trust receives part of the sale proceeds. The Trust is proud to be working with a partner which enables less waste to go to Landfill while raising vital funds for people affected by MSA. Banks are branded with information about MSA and the Trust, so this is a great way to raise awareness of the condition within a community.

There is no cost involved for the Trust or the venue hosting the Bank as BIU provide all the equipment and services needed to operate the recycling scheme. BIU only sell to recognised sorting or grading partners who in turn sell in markets where trade is free and fair. They have internal audit procedures that ensures these standards are maintained.

Get involved

  • Donate to a MSA Trust Recycling Bank near you 

There is a MSAT recycling bank located at the Wilmslow Garden Centre (part of the Klondyke Garden Centres) near Manchester. If you live close by, please donate your old clothing and shoes to this bank! Proceeds from sale of donations collected here goes exclusively to MSA Trust. So encourage your family and friends to donate as well – every little helps!

  • Suggest a venue to place a new recycling bank 

BIU makes every effort to secure new venues for placing the banks but would appreciate local knowledge. So, this is where you can get involved. You can suggest a new venue for having the bank placed, and help the Trust get the resale proceeds from items donated at this new bank. To find out what makes an ‘ideal venue’, click HERE. If you think you know of such a venue email us. If you think it’s more appropriate, then please make initial contact with the venue. Although this is not a requirement, it sometimes helps for the enquiry to come from a local or ‘known face’. You would need to only ensure whether the venue/site owner would permit the banks to be placed. There is no further commitment required from you.

Unfortunately, BIU have partnerships with other charities in Dorset, Somerset, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire and Yorkshire. Therefore, sadly we cannot place banks in these locations. So, if you can think of any other, please get in touch.    We will forward your suggestion to BIU who will contact the venue. There is no further commitment needed from you.

This would be an amazing way to support the Trust, while helping people to ‘declutter’. Thank you in advance for your support!

MSA A3 Poster

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MSA A5 Leaflet

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Gift Aid Declaration Form

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Sponsorship form

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Your MSAT fundraiser

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Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
Your MSAT fundraiser
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