MSA Trust

Circle of Care

Is your family affected by Multiple System Atrophy? If you have MSA or know somebody with MSA, do you want to raise awareness? Are you interested in joining the fundraising team and helping to raise vital funds for our Health Care Specialist services, support services and research into discovering the cause and ultimately the cure? 

Join our virtual Circle of Care campaign here and walk, run, cycle or swim around the UK and Ireland. 

Our journey begins at our MSAT office in London, spanning 4.4 miles over the River Thames to University College London, Institute of Neurology. We then continue 27 miles to reach Debra Vincent-Scott. Moving further, we cover 52.3 miles to reach MSA Specialist Clinics in Southampton, followed by a 71-mile journey to Bristol. Heading east for 93 miles, we reach Emma Saunder’s patch and pass through Coventry, covering 31 miles to reach our Birmingham Clinic.

On the way to Ireland, we stop by Sam Fitzgerald, our Social Welfare Specialist, in a leg of the journey spanning just over 78 miles. After crossing the Irish Sea, we embark on a 146-mile journey to reach the Dublin Clinic, followed by a 99-mile trip to Belfast to visit Demelza Stuart.

Returning to the UK, we head 130 miles to the Glasgow Clinic before traveling south 120 miles to reach Katie Rigg’s area. From there, we cover 68 miles, first to the Newcastle Clinic and then 123 miles to the Manchester Clinic, and finally, 39 miles to the Sheffield Clinic.

In the last leg of the Circle of Care challenge, we travel 68 miles to reach Samantha Pavey’s patch before visiting the Cambridge Clinic, 63 miles away. Finally, after covering 54 miles, we arrive back at our MSAT offices in London.

Sign up today and join the Circle of Care challenge.