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Voice Banking – Acapela

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Acapela, a company who offer Voice Banking services.

For some people living with MSA speech becomes softer or quieter and appears slurred. This is due to poor muscle control of the mouth and tongue or vocal cords.   Unfortunately, speech can deteriorate further and become unintelligible.

The Trust has formed a partnership with a company called Acapela who provide voice banking and we are funding this service – ‘My Own Voice’ – for our members. Voice banking helps to preserve your identity and will allow you to express yourself verbally if your actual voice deteriorates further. If you are not already registered with the MSA Trust, you will need to register before using the service.

My Own Voice allows someone to record a short list of phrases (approximately 50) with their own voice while their speech is still reasonably good. A laptop or PC will be needed to do this as the service is accessed online. The recording is then converted digitally to create a personal voice. The voice will be similar to your own, but not a true copy.  You will then be able to download your voice and use it to communicate with friends and family via a laptop, tablet, or similar digital device.

Your Speech and Language Therapist can assist you with this process and work with you to record your voice. Please discuss this service with your Speech and Language Therapist who will confirm if this is suitable for you.

You can find out more about the process by visiting  If you do not have a Speech and Language Therapist, please speak to your MSA Nurse Specialist.


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