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Wearing Masks for People with MSA

Face Coverings are now mandatory in many public areas and on public transport in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The exact locations vary by region so check your local government pages for exact information. Where possible, we recommend people with MSA use facemasks unless they suffer from severe respiratory difficulties.

Masks are a way to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. They are worn to protect those around you from potential transmission so is an easy way to help keep everyone safe. Wearing a mask yourself does provide an extra layer of protection for you too. Wearing a mask does not affect oxygen levels in your blood and is safe for most people to wear for short periods of time.

Some people are exempt from wearing masks if they struggle with it, or would find it too distressing to wear one. This includes reasons such as severe respiratory difficulties and communication issues. Some MSA symptoms may make it hard for you to wear a mask. If you are unable to wear a mask there are multiple websites where you can download an exemption card to explain why you are not wearing a mask. You do not need a letter from your GP. You do not need an exemption card, but it may help explain to those around you.

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We regret to announce the MSA Trust will be suspending all of our Support Groups and our memorial event due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19. For our full statement, please click here. Our other services and support will continue to be unaffected and available to everybody affected by MSA. For any questions please contact us at

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