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Things to Consider in Case of Hospital Admission

Currently your GP will be aiming to avoid hospital admissions. However if you had to be admitted to hospital (or someone had to take over your care at home,) bearing in mind that hospitals are currently not allowing visitors, is there anything you would like healthcare professionals to know about you? 

Could you write a summary about your needs and preferences for healthcare professionals that haven’t met you before to follow? Include contact information for your family and communication needs. Put this information in a folder with a current medication list and any other important forms you may have such as an advance care plan, advanced decision to refuse treatment, DNR or RESPECT form. If you have a copy of our guide to MSA or hospital information pack put this in the folder too. Keep it in an easily-accessible place in case you are admitted to hospital quickly. If you can, keep a second copy of all this information as well.  

If you haven’t already done so, now is an important time to talk to your family about your wishes should you become ill and not be able to speak for yourself.  If you have an advance decision plan you should review this and update it. You should also make a plan of action should family members supporting you become ill. 

If you have professional carers visiting and they can no longer attend, in the first instance talk to the care agency. If they cannot help, your local authority should be able to advise in an emergency. If a family carer becomes unwell and cannot care for you, your local authority can offer advice. If you  would like support to contact your local authority please contact our Social Welfare Specialist 

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