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Path to a Cure Engraved Brick


Path to a Cure Engraved Brick


This year we will be beginning a project to enable our community to leave a small part of themselves or a family member in the place of hope for the MSA community, Sarah’s Wood. We will be building a path to the centre of this haven, constructed with bricks engraved with your or a loved one’s name; symbolising the steps we are taking to find a cure to MSA.

This will grow throughout the wood as more and more of you get involved and make your inclusion in this community permanent with a shared monument throughout this green and beautiful space.

Please include the name who’s honour the brick would be engraved below. 

**** Please keep in mind due to the nature of the brick laying process, we can only take orders till April of the year the bricks will be laid on the ground. Any orders received after April will be engraved and laid the subsequent year***

Name to be engraved on brick

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