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Team MSAT at the Great North Run

As we gear up for the 2024 Great North Run, we look back on the remarkable journey of our runners, the incredible support they received and the funds raised for the Trust. On race day, the atmosphere was nothing short of electric. Live bands, sound systems, water hoses and supporters cheering on the side-lines that could rival a concert crowd. The McGeorge family decided to embark on their Great North Run journey during a challenging period. Kate, Tom, Laura and Holly laced up their running shoes in support of Dad, Ernie and raised a staggering £6,441 in aid of the Trust.

We decided to do the GNR during a very difficult time where Dad was in hospital with an infection and was critically unwell. We thought it would be something positive to focus on, whilst encouraging us all to get fitter and healthier, in addition to raising money for a good cause, that was very relevant to us and our situation. The preparation, training, run itself and aftermath has all came with its challenges, both personal and as a group. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and the support we received on the day including the hose pipes, the sweets given to us by supporters and seeing friends/family who came to watch. We feel this has strengthened us individually and as a family unit. We are thrilled and astounded at the amount of money we have raised and the massive support for our family and Dad. This reflects how well Dad is thought of and the memories friends and acquaintances have of him as we have grown up- Kate McGeorge

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