MSA Trust

Support Us This Christmas

Living with MSA can be an isolating experience and is particularly hard during the festive season. Giving the gift of your time to someone with MSA, making them smile is a priceless way to give.

You can also use this opportunity to raise vital funds for the Trust and MSA community. Here are some ideas :

  • Instead of sending traditional Christmas cards think about a new way of giving. While we have some fantastic cards to offer each year, you can instead donate the money you spend on them. Remember the same can be done with Christmas gifts, where a donation can be made in lieu of gifts.
  • Buy a few items from our shop to fill up your stockings, or buy our Christmas Cards.
  • Any kind of celebration that calls for guests to bring presents is a great opportunity to donate to the Trust instead and help us in our efforts to fight this terrible disease. So an anniversary, retirement, Christening or just a regular dinner party are all great celebratory events as well.
  • Take part in the 2021 MSA Trust Christmas Raffle for the chance to win some fantastic prizes while supporting our vital work.

MSA Trust Christmas Raffle The MSA Trust Christmas Raffle Prizes: 1st Prize: a weekend getaway...