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Help us raise £10,000 that will make our recently launched voice banking service accessible to at least 150 of our members. Click on the Big Give icon BELOW to donate online during the Big Give Christmas Challenge  1st – 8th December 

MSA causes slurred or softer speech, making communication with loved ones difficult, and sadly exacerbating feelings of isolation.  With voice banking a person with MSA can record their personal voice and play it back easily using a device such as an iPad. Find out HERE what a difference this makes to a person with MSA!

There is a fee for activating the synthetic voice and this Christmas we hope to raise £10,000 to make this vital service accessible to those that it.

We have secured pledges to fund this service, and through the Big Give’s matched funding scheme, for every Pound donated our pledgers will match it, effectively doubling the donations from supporters like you!

Just click on the Big Give icon to donate online during the Big Give Challenge 1st – 8th December 

Impact of MSA and Voice Banking

73% of respondents to our 2019 member survey  said that MSA had a severe impact on their quality of life, some of which can be attributed to what an MSA diagnosis does to a person’s speech.

A quite voice (hypophonia) is a Parkinson type symptom and over time some people with MSA will notice that their speech becomes slurred. This may happen quite early on in MSA, and people affected feel frustrated as they cannot express themselves or communicate with loved ones. They feel socially isolated, in some cases completely dependent on their carer for daily conversations. They feel trapped in a body that is slowly shutting down, despite the fact that their intellect is not affected in any way.

Voice banking allows a person with MSA to record (bank) a list of phrases and words and from this the system can create most of the words a person with MSA need when communicating with others. They can then play back the recording through a readily available device like a phone. The voice sounds synthetic but does bear resemblance to the person’s own voice.

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Communicating in one’s own voice allows a person with MSA to preserve their identity and keep some independence during the progression of this dreadful disease.

Their ability to ‘talk’ whenever needed makes them feel more connected to the family and community, and somewhat reduce isolation that a person with MSA already faces with a rare condition.

You can make a big difference this Christmas, click on the Big Give icon to donate towards Big Give Christmas Challenge 1st – 8th Dec

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