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MSA Trust Appeal

Last year we asked for your help to buy new lightwriters that our members can use to communicate with their loved ones. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to make a real difference to people affected by MSA.

This Christmas, we want to assist people struggling with the financial pressures of MSA. Will you please help us?

Here at the Trust we have a small grants scheme which we use to help our members who are struggling with the financial implications of MSA. These grants provide a varied range of support, from help towards purchasing mobility equipment, to respite care and counselling. We are usually able to help very quickly often providing support the same day and we do this without an intrusive application process.

However, each Christmas, we find that the demand for support rises significantly, as our members understandably wish to travel to see their families, communicate via a Lightwriter, or make their homes more accessible and comfortable in the winter months. However, we can only afford to provide a very limited number of grants each year and therefore cannot help everyone.

You can change this today. Please help the Trust provide a grant WHENEVER a family affected by MSA is struggling and needs our help. Whatever you can afford will make a difference be it £10, £20 or even more.

Click HERE to contribute towards such a grant.





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