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MSA Trust Christmas Gift

This Christmas give the gift of communication…..

MSA can often cause a rapid deterioration in a person’s ability to speak. This differs from person to person but most people will at some stage struggle to articulate words. Their speech may become slow and difficult to hear and therefore make them very hard to understand. When loved ones come to visit, especially at Christmas, this can be particularly hard to bear.


The MSA Trust is the only charity in the UK and Eire supporting people affected by MSA. As part of our support we loan out Lightwriters, a type of communication device that allows people with MSA to be heard and understood. Sadly due to an increase in demand, all of our current devices are out on loan so we have none to lend to other people with MSA who desperately need one. Each Lightwriter costs £2,500. This Christmas could you please consider making a contribution so that the Trust can buy one additional Lightwriter? This would enable us to help people with MSA when they need us the most and give them the precious gift of communication with their loved ones.

Click HERE to contribute towards a new Lightwriter.





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