MSA Trust

MSA Awareness Week

Monday 21st – Sunday 27th March 2022

As a little-known and little-understood disease, MSA rarely gets the attention it deserves, but MSA Awareness Week is a chance to change that. From Monday 21st March 2022 to Sunday 27th March 2022, we want to highlight MSA to the world in the hope that greater awareness might lead to more resources, which in turn could lead to better understanding, which – one day – might lead us to the cure.

Knowing is half the battle… so how can you help us this MSA Awareness Week?

  • Follow, like and share our posts on social media to help us spread the word (Find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).
  • Wear one of our fabulous enamel pin badges, wristbands or orange ribbons.
  • Suggest us to companies and businesses for an end of financial year charitable donation.
  • If you feel able, make your own one-off or regular donation to the Trust.
  • Host a tea party, a quiz night, or even a karaoke contest in your local community.
  • Or take up a week-long sponsored challenge – whether it’s running your first 5k; mastering your marathon; finishing War and Peace without skipping a bit; or completing a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

For more information – or more ideas about how you can get involved – email