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    Hi I’m wondering if anyone has had problems with temperature control for some unknown reason I get very cold with shivers and my hands are icy cold mainly Down the right side of my body also now getting nerve pains like electric shocks has anyone with msa had any of these symptoms and have you any advice on what tablets to take for nerve pain doctor has put me on amitriptyline just wondering is my body is shutting down regards Chris

    AvatarForum Moderator

    Hi Chris,

    People with MSA do not have good temperature control, this is due to the autonomic dysfunction. So you may feel cold when it is warm or hot when it is cold. Often people’e extremeties feel cold due to low blood pressure. Sweating episodes can also occur unexpectedly. It doesn’t mean your body is shutting down. The important thing to know regarding temperature control is that you may not have a high temperature when an infection is present, so don’t rely on this as an indicator. If you get an infection you will notice that your MSA symptoms are suddenly worse over 24/48hrs. MSA doesn’t deteriorate rapidly, it changes gradually over months and years, so if you are suddenly unwell always assume you may have an infection and contact your GP for antibiotics.

    Amitriptyline is good for neuropathic pain that you describe, it also helps with sleep and to elevate the mood.
    Do contact the MSA Trust nurses if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,
    Samantha MSAT nurse.

    AvatarDiane Ball

    Hi Chris, how are you doing now? has the warm weather been a problem for you?
    You haven’t had many replies to your question and not many people seem to use this forum any more, but more do use the one on Healthunlocked which is also moderated by the MSA Trust so is safe to use, You might get more responses to questions there and more people to chat to!
    Best Wishes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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