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    Avatarleo vogel

    It is really bothering me that you made some dear people disappear.
    Of course, if you loose your loved one, your life goes on without the forum.
    That’s only natural and good.
    But I think it is shows a lack of respect not to bother about the right name of good friends.

    If this is to expensive, get rid of all the old stuff and start all over with a brand new forum.

    There are always new people in need of information and a place for meeting fellow msa people.

    Leo Vogel

    AvatarForum Moderator

    Many thanks for your post Leo. Rest assured we have not made anybody “disappear” from the Forum. We have been in contact with the person you seem to be referring to and they have their own reasons for not contributing to discussions at the moment, none of them connected to the redesign. If any other member has trouble signing in after following the instructions for joining up or signing in
    then please contact us and we will do our best to help


    Dear ARLEENLUI0152258, I can see Leo’s point. We all understand that people bereaved by MSA move on, or choose to post infrequently. I think the website refresh has flushed away a number of people who have just found the new site inpenetrable.


    I have just re-joined the forum. I have been feeling guilty about abandonng dear friends and I see that there is not as much activity as there used to be.

    Perhaps we can encourage more people to join in. It is not encouraging to see “Last post 6 months ago ” so if you have anything to say please say it even if you feel it is not important enough.

    It is

    The forum used to be one of the places where you could talk to people and help each other through the bad times without having to explain. My knowledge is now getting out of date since Victor died almost two years ago. I am no longer up tp date for example on powers of attorney but many of the things which help are still valid so I may still be useful.

    I still can’t type though



    Hi all
    I have been away for a while. We had to move out for renovations.
    But I am back now and plan to dip in more often.

    The renovation is looking good! I hope Michael will be more comfortable when he moves back into a home he can manoeuvre around in more easily.

    I hope too he will remain well for as long as possible to enjoy it.



    Hi,my name is Belinda and my husband was diagnosed 9 weeks ago,this forum has been so much help to me and I hope all your renovations have gone well and things are good for you and Michael xxxx

    AvatarForum Moderator

    Dear Forum Users,

    We’ve had members speak to us about HealthUnlocked which is a community forum.
    We have created a page for MSA which you need to follow and then can start posting and commenting. At the moment we will be keeping both forums and will monitor how both of these are used and if members have a preference. As HealthUnlocked has only been launched this week it will take time for people to sign up and engage so please bear with it and share and support each other as much as possible.

    Moderator, MSAT.


    I would suggest that this warrants a new topic, rather than tagging on to an old post.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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