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The Multiple System Atrophy Trust supports ongoing research in neuroscience, neurology clinical practice and is developing a database to support researchers to develop their research further.

Multiple System Atrophy is a very complex disease and work to find the cause and ultimately a cure is equally complex and may take many years, but the Trust is committed to funding research for as long as it takes. The Trust has a clear remit outlined in it’s research strategy for the type of project it will consider:

  • Funding for projects aimed at finding the cause of MSA and improving treatments for those with MSA.
  • Collaborative partnerships with other organisations involved in neurodegenerative research
  • Encouraging engagement with the pharmaceutical industry

MSA Trust is accepting new and innovative project grant applications for our Research Grant Round 2019

Applications Open: 1st September 2019

At Multiple System Atrophy Trust, we are committed to funding the best scientific research so that we can get a step closer to discovering the cause and cure of multiple system atrophy (MSA).

We intend to further increase our knowledge and understanding of MSA by supporting researchers with a new round of grant funding in 2019/20.  MSA Trust seeks innovative and translational neuroscience research projects. We are open to working collaboratively, at home and abroad, where there is a demonstrable connection to a UK-based Principal Investigator/Institution.  We welcome grant funding applications up to the value of £150,000.  Applications can be for single or multiple years’ projects.

We welcome research grant applications on any aspect of basic, translational or clinical neuroscience, aimed at better understanding the cause and/or improving treatment of MSA.  The applications will be reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Panel, chaired by Dr. Christopher Kobylecki, Salford Royal Hospital. Criteria for application is given on our website In this section of the website you will find updated guidelines for application, our research strategy, terms and conditions and an application form.

Closing Date for applications is 30th November 2019, 5p.m. 

All applications should be sent along with any supporting materials to

This study is looking for people with MSA to participate, with the aim to improve the accuracy of early diagnosis and track disease progression.

There are two elements to this, a longitudinal study based at specific clinics in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Brighton, Newport and Newcastle – which have a strong history of supporting people with MSA. There is also an option to take part in a cross-sectional study where patients can participate from anywhere in the UK or at one of 28 UK based research centres.

The longitudinal study involves several clinical and biomarker assessments over a three year period which include: a detailed neurology review, cognitive function tests, brain scans and blood samples. This will be followed by a ‘lighter touch’ follow up over the phone or during a clinic visit for a further two years.

The cross-sectional study involves donating a one-off blood sample at your local GP or hospital, together with filling in questionnaires at home.

We would like to include people with MSA and people unaffected by neurological diseases. Since we are investigating MSA genetics, blood relatives of those affected by MSA are not eligible for the study.

Ultimately, it is hoped that the research will aid the development of new and improved treatments for MSA and raise the profile of MSA research in the UK.

If you are interested in participating in MSA research, please contact Alyssa Costantini, Research Associate, institute of Neurology, UCL – or ABN MSA Research Fellow, Viorica Chelban, UCL,

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