The Trust

Multiple System Atrophy TrustMultiple System Atrophy Trust is the UK’s support and information service for people with multiple system atrophy, their families and carers. It also funds research into the treatment and causes of MSA.

Multiple System Atrophy Trust

The Trust currently employs a small team of staff and specialist nurses who provide the following services across the UK:

To ensure our services are accessible to everyone, the Trust is committed to providing its services free of charge.

The Multiple System Atrophy Trust is a charity funded entirely by voluntary donations. In order for us to continue supporting people affected by MSA, please consider becoming a regular donor or organising a fundraising event (see register now).

The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees who meet on a regular basis. Its Finance Sub-Committee ensures funds are appropriately managed. The Trust is also publicly supported by Patrons and ‘Friends’ of the Trust. The Scientific Advisory Panel ensures proper and fair allocation of research funds. The Trust’s services and information is reviewed by a Medical Content Group comprising MSA nurse specialists, consultant physicians, Trust staff and a User Group of people with MSA and carers.