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We produce a free magazine, MSA News, three times a year which is sent to all registered members of the Trust. The magazine looks at a wide range of issues relevant to living with MSA, from current thinking on treatments, guides to everyday life with MSA from the practical to the emotional and updates on the latest research.

The magazine shares the stories of real people finding their way from diagnosis onwards, including issues covered across our growing network of volunteer-led, regional support groups. It also shows the dedication of our members to supporting the Trust’s work through committed and imaginative fundraising. We hope you will register now for (free) membership of the Trust and we will add your details to our membership magazine list.

MSA News (issue 48)

Tuning in… to music therapy....

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MSA News (issue 47)

Food for thought – diet and MSA....

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MSA News (issue 46)

Onwards and upwards to our 20th anniversary celebrations....

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MSA News (issue 45)

Spring forwards into MSA Awareness Month....

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MSA News (issue 44)

Raise a cup for World MSA Day....

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MSA News (issue 43)

Summer’s here, time to relax – planning your holiday....

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MSA News (issue 42)

Let’s get talking plus building awareness with MSA awareness month....

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MSA News (issue 41)

Blackpool Tower goes orange for World MSA Day....

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MSA News (issue 40)

Building an army of support plus hints, tips & practical advice....

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MSA News (issue 39)

Long distance caring – hints for helping at a distance....

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MSA News (issue 38)

Our first MSA support group’s 10th birthday....

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MSA News (issue 37)

Teddy Bears come to town! Available now in the trust’s new online shop....

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