The Multiple System Atrophy Trust is the main funder in the UK of research into multiple system atrophy (MSA). Our vision of a world free of MSA is our aspiration and ultimate goal. To achieve this we are committed to funding the best scientific research.

“The Trust’s vision, aspiration and ultimate goal is to one day find a cure for MSA, a sentiment shared by our members who tell us they see this as a key priority for the charity. We are committed to spending a minimum of £150,000 on research every year and hope, as funding allows, to increase this still further.”

Professor David Burn, Trustee and Chair of the Trust’s Scientific Advisory Panel

To ensure we are funding the very best research we comply with the criteria laid down by the research standards body, the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC). And our independent Scientific Advisory Panel reviews all grant applications and monitors their progress.

MSA is an extremely complex disease that is difficult to diagnose and research to find the cause and ultimately a cure may take many years.  However, every research project we fund is one step closer.