Living with MSA

MSA Nurse Specialists

Because MSA is not common, some health professionals may meet somebody with MSA only once or twice in their whole career. A vital part of the Trust’s information and support service is, therefore, its nursing service provided by our three MSA Nurse Specialists: Katie Rigg, Samantha Pavey and Jill Lyons.

Together they support people affected by MSA across the UK and Ireland, dividing responsibility loosely around three regions.

Katie RiggKatie Rigg (North of England, Scotland and Ireland)

01434 381 932


Samantha PaveySamantha Pavey (East of England)

0203 371 0003


Jill LyonsJill Lyons (West of England and Wales)

01934 316 119

Their work includes:

Education and awareness

A role the Trust considers to be very important is that of improving education and awareness of MSA amongst health professionals: as MSA is not common these professionals may not have met an MSA patient very often in their careers. A key goal for our nurses is to keep abreast of new information, research and improved practice that may be beneficial to people with MSA, and to share this with the professionals working alongside patients and their families.

The nurses provide teaching sessions and awareness events at hospitals, hospices and care homes supporting somebody living with MSA, and are building their attendance at specialist MSA clinics.

You can download the MSA Nurse Specialist service guide below and hand it out to any of your health care team.

MSA Nurse Specialist Service (PDF file size 526KB)